The Love Brigades are participating in:

Opening and Artist Talks
Friday June 9th, 2017 5:30 – 9:00 PM
Hawk Merlin Studios
113 SE Russel Ave.
Stevenson Washington 98648

Artists: Marilyn Bolles, Anne Hart, Eli Lewis, Alisa Looney, Andrew Pate, Mara Reynolds, Carl Schilt, Dave Weaver (Love Brigades) and Wade Womack.

The Art Exhibit will also be open 12-9 pm:
JUNE 9, 10, 16 & 17, 2017

Extended statement for the event

The Love Brigades
The Love Brigades’ mission is to spread Love in the world.
We believe that Love is the most powerful creative force in the Universe and that all living beings have an unlimited wellspring of Love within them.
Yet it feels that Love is not being fully manifested in our country and world today – being suppressed by other forces which seek to foment division and animosity.
To this end we have formed the Love Brigades – inspired in part by the Love Army organization of Van Jones.
In its initial formation the Love Brigades manifests as neighborhood work parties – where neighbors come together to clean up their neighborhood from litter and graffiti and spread good cheer through music, dancing, colors and other means.
We also distribute provisions to the needy as part of the Living Cully warehouse project.
As the movement grows we anticipate new and creative forms of manifesting Love to organically augment our activities.
We encourage everyone to manifest and boost their Love of themself, of their family and friends and of the world at large. We believe that with each act of Love – no matter how small – everyone is already part of the worldwide Love movement whether they realize it or not. We believe that Art is an integral part of Love and vice versa.
The Love Brigades intersects with Art in several ways.
* Music is an integral part of our actions. As we clean the sidewalks and walls of our neighborhoods we play music to inspire us and those around us. This music can be recorded music – but it can also be live music as we recruit musicians and bands to accompany us on our walking work parties.
* As we remove unwelcome graffiti from walls we are aware that some of it is artistic in nature and represents creative expression – albeit unwanted and often destructive.  We encourage the taggers to find ways to express their artistic impulses in ways and places that are not infringing on the community. We also take pictures of graffiti before removing it in order to preserve it and also to document our work.
* We recognize the strong element of Love that is part of most Art and we encourage visual Art that manifests Love as part of our brigades in the form of banners, flag, fashion and costumes.
For the Columbia River Art Salon 2017 the Love Brigades will contribute in these ways:
1) We will have 6 pictures demonstrating the Love Brigades and some of the graffiti that we’ve encountered and removed
2) We will give a 7 minute presentation
3) We will play live guitar music before the Salon as people are getting situated
You can learn more about the Love Brigades and join us on the following places”