Join a Love Brigade in your neighborhood – or if there isn’t one start one up!


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It’s easy, fun and rewarding to participate in the Love Brigades!

Check the map below for a Love Brigade near you!

Here’s all that’s needed to start:

  • You
  • Love

That’s it!!

The main goal of the Love Brigades is to boost Love in the Universe wherever it’s needed – which is everywhere – right?

We believe that Love powers each of us, the world and everything.

Once you have You and Love then all you need is to find ways to apply it.

The simplest way we like to apply it is by picking up litter from the sidewalks and streets in our neighborhoods. or this you need

  • a garbage bag
  • a work glove

Bonus cleaning supplies:

  • Grabnabber for picking up cigarettes and litter
  • Shovel and bucket for picking up dog poop

We also clean graffiti from walls, windows and posts. For that you will need:

  • spray bottles with gentle organic cleaning agent. We used grapefruit based cleaner.
  • scrubby pads for scrubbing off the graffiti

Bonus graffiti materials:

  • scrapers to scrape off windows
  • matched paint to repaint surfaces
  • rags
  • spray bottles with water
  • poles for reaching high places

Then to make it more fun we like to add music and color to the mix. Music comes in many forms:

  • singing songs
  • playing music on a speaker from your mobile phone. Check out the Love Brigades Youtube playlists for inspiration
  • playing drums and percussion
  • marching band style instruments and music
  • mobile rock band style instruments and music

Color can be:

  • Colorful clothes
  • Funny hats
  • Glow necklaces after dark
  • Flags and banners
  • Streamers
  • Signs and art

Good extra elements:

  • More people! Recruit your friends. Point them here!
  • Post on our website and facebook page and group.
  • Coordinate with local musicians to add live music – which provides inspiration and neighborhood interest – and loads of fun! This can be a regular recurrence of one group or you can bring on guest musicians and bands.
  • Coordinate with your local city neighborhood departments
  • Coordinate with your neighborhood association
  • Coordinate with non-profit groups and churches/temples/synagogues
  • Coordinate with local businesses
  • Coordinate with local schools