On March 11 we set off again on the Burnside Walk Party – after the previous week focusing on graffiti removal.

This week there was no large graffiti to remove so we were able to pick up litter along E Burnside between 28th and 20th – on both sides of the street. We picked up about 5 lbs of litter from each side of the street! (the rain made it a little heavier).

There was a lot of litter. Soda cups stuck in bushes, a whole McDonalds lunch including McNuggets. A lot of food wrappers.

But the most offending item was cigarette butts – and we weren’t properly equipped for that. Next up: get cigarette butt pickup tools.

We also cleaned up graffiti from a post in front of the upcoming Fifty Licks ice cream shop.

Join us next Saturday and every Saturday morning for as the Love Brigades strike again!

Pics below.